Board of Directors

A strong nonprofit requires a Board of Directors that provides leadership, oversight, and vision. Tick Tock’s board members apply by-laws and articles of incorporation, operate by parliamentary procedure, advocate for the Center and early childhood care and education, oversee the budget, formulate long term and strategic plans, and lead successful fundraising events.


Patrick Manahan, President

Carol Haaf, Vice President

Sharon Sears, Secretary

Irina Lukovskaia-Brustman, Treasurer


Tamara K. Brosius, RN

Jade Burris

Melanie Chadwick

Irina Lukovskaia-Brustman

Carmen Pascarella

Matthew O’Leary, Esq.

Ann Lattanzio

Lew Sears

Sharon Sears

Charles Vickery

Members Emeritus

Marilyn Benson

Ginna Goodall

Michael Horak, CFA

Judy Jester Durante

Clarence Kinney

Sally Lighty

Marianne Maye

Sally Weil

In addition to the Board of Directors, Tick Tock offers members of our community the opportunity to join various committees such as the Education, Finance, Personnel, Fundraising, and more. Committee membership is a great way to get involved with Tick Tock without the commitment of full Board Membership.

Contact us today to schedule a tour and discuss how you can be a part of Tick Tock Early Learning Center!

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