Expansion Plan

1 Kitchen

Providing meals is an integral part of our program. Many of the children experience food insecurity. We offer a balanced breakfast, lunch and snack to 98 students on a daily basis. Sometimes, this may be the only food a child may get that day. Most of our families receive food on a weekly basis from local food cupboards as well as baskets from churches for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The current kitchen was last remodeled when the program served about 50 children with 13 staff members and a few volunteers. The same physical space is now utilized to serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks for 98 children, 26 adults, and 5 to 10 volunteers each day. A well-renovated kitchen with walk-in freezer and pantry units will allow us to buy in bulk and take advantage of seasonal and sale purchase opportunities. Expanded prep areas, open shelf storage, and properly vented ovens will enable us to further vary menu options and offer an even stronger nutrition program.

2 Education and Curriculum

Training and programing to expand the excellent programs we offer now, and maintain our Keystone STAR 4 rating. Funds will also be used to expand our technology capabilities and our summer camp.

3 Increase Our Building and Sustainability Funds

In order to continue in a fiscally responsible manner the board intends to increase the operating reserves for Tick Tock to help buffer cash flow fluctuations due to changes in government funding or other economic hardships.

The board is also increasing the building fund in anticipation of future maintenance or improvements that may be needed as well as normal facility and equipment upgrades that will be essential in future years.

Check out our Building Brighter Futures pamphlet here!

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